Posted 03/06/2018

A performance during the TEDxRosario 2015, where we transmitted the concept of work in community using a game that needs to 1000 people play together hitting the floor and using their voice to beat the game.

An Italian plumber looking to save a princess kidnapped by a turtle, a French locksmith trying to beat a dragon. In video games, the unthinkable comes alive and makes sense. But in real life, people need the help of others to achieve their goals.

In this fun talk, Ignacio and Lisandro, two video game developers from Rosario, show us the importance of communities to share and grow. And they explain it by doing what they know best: playing.

  • Category : Alt Ctrl
  • Date : 19.11.2015
  • Event : TEDxRosario 2015
  • Platform : Performance
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